A really great meetup last night thank you…

A really great meetup last night, thank you so much to all the participants, and to everybody who couldn’t make it: see you next time!

Here are the links to the presentation slides:

Aaaand some pictures ( thanks @floor 😉 ):

Stay tuned, as we will announce soon the details of next month meetup / party!

Hi Vienna WordPressers So it appears that for…

Hi Vienna WordPressers! 😉

So, it appears that for Monday 29 we have:

  • @Milan on Facebook integration
  • @Andrej on blogging and how WordPress determined his future.
  • @paolo on why, when and how to make a site multilingual.
  • @luca following up with practical examples about how to use WPML for that.

Remember, Monday 29, 18h at Spaces03, Kaiserstrasse 5, Wien 7.

Today’s meetup will again offer four great presentations…

Today’s meetup will again offer four great presentations:

  • Luca talking about “Why a photo portfolio should be on WordPress”.
  • Kaiser talking about “How to evaluate a theme, before and after the purchase.”
  • Bastilian talking about “Semantic html markup, a little bit of history and why semantic markup is important for readers and search-engines.”
  • Cliff ( @spliffy ) will talk about content creation and will reveal his pet-project, hoping to get the attendees to join him for a photo session.

The rest of the time, let’s have a beer, chat, ask and answer questions, share experiences, etc.

It’s time to start talking seriously about presentations…

It’s time to start talking seriously about presentations for April 4, and by “seriously” I mean to move the conversation from meetup.com to this site 😉

So far we have a few ideas that have been mentioned, please post them as replies to this post.

We have no rules about presentations, but our (short) experience seems to show that 4 is a good number, as long as we keep them between 20 and 30 minutes each.

If we have more proposals than available slots, priority will be given to:

  • People who have never talked before.
  • Subjects closely related to WordPress

Yes, we did it again!

Please accept my apologies for the belated wrap-up post, but here we are finally.

First a few photos, thanks to @floor!

The meetup was once again a great moment, and we had 4 very interesting presentations, from the history of design, to basic CSS and child theming, to more advanced CSS, to plugin development best practices.

For those who would like to know a bit more, here are a few links to the respective materials:

See you all next time!

Directions to today’s meetup Schraubenfabrik Lilienbrungasse 18 1020…

Directions to today’s meetup: Schraubenfabrik, Lilienbrungasse 18, 1020 Wien

When you reach the 18 on Lilienbrungasse, enter the courtyard. In the courtyard you will see the Schraubenfabrik entrance on the right, once you enter, take the stairs ( not the elevator ) up to the second floor. You will find us there.

Photos from our first meetup 2013

@floor and @dant have been kind enough to share their pictures from the last meetup, so here they are:

Welcome to the Vienna WordPress meetup.

We are a group of friends, from Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and the USA, we live in Vienna, Austria and share a few common passions.

One is WordPress, others are to meet people, share knowledge, learn new stuff, have fun and have some drinks at night.

That’s how the Vienna WordPress meetup was born, and we can’t wait to meeting other users, geeks, coders, artists, or really just anyone interested by WordPress.

No matter your experience, wether you write PHP during your sleep, are a plugin or theme developer, a user, or just heard about WordPress for the first time today, don’t hesitate to join us on Jan 31, 2013.

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