2017-02-01 WP Vienna Meetup @ Sektor5: Thomas Kräftner & Radoslav Georgiev

At our next MeetUp on the 1st of February 2017 at sektor5, Siebenbrunnengasse 44, 1050 Vienna, three topics are planned:

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WordCamp Euro 2016 in Vienna

WordCamp Euro 2016 took place from 24th–26th June 2016 at MuseumsQuartier Wien.

WCEU in numbers

  • Regular Tickets sold: 2032
  • Microsponsorship tickets: 150
  • People attending: 1952
  • Live Streaming tickets: 1402
  • Live streaming sessions: 5150
  • Total time watching sessions via live stream: 1079.625 hours
  • Sponsors: 39
  • Speakers: 69
  • Number of countries attendees came from: 68
  • Number of countries attendees watched the live streaming from: 82
  • Number of Twitter users active on the #WCEU hashtag: 923
  • Tweets: 2727
  • Number of Twitter impressions: 6.2 million
  • Contributors during contributor day: 440
  • Nannies that took care of the WordPress kids: 6
  • Volunteers: 160
  • Organizers: 20
  • Co-founders of WordPress: 2 ☀️
    Matt Mullenweg , and Mike Little.

A look back into WordCamp Europe 2016

Missing #WCEU already? Well, let’s go back for a bit, shall we?

2016-07-06 July Meetup: Content Marketing with Laura Lynch

Have ever imagined to get more readers, followers, leads, prospect, clients, writing content on your blog?

With the right type of content, paying attention to SEO, and following a few rules, you can positively impact your business in a few easy steps. And WordPress is the best platform for it!

On out July meetup, we’ll have Laura Lynch, https://twitter.com/darjeelingblend, presenting on Content Marketing. Continue reading “2016-07-06 July Meetup: Content Marketing with Laura Lynch”

2016-05-04 WP Vienna Meetup: SEO Edition with Bruce Jackson

With the rise of proprietary platforms as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram –  is SEO still relevant in 2016?

Should we invest time on your WordPress site or on other media outlets?

How can we make sure our content is well exposed to the public and easy to find? Can we enhance our visibility without being forced to purchase ADS from the major players?

At our next meetup, on the 4th of May 2016, we’ll try to define the current status of SEO and Bruce Jackson will help us understand what we can do to improve the visibility of the content we publish on our sites. Continue reading “2016-05-04 WP Vienna Meetup: SEO Edition with Bruce Jackson”

So let’s freeze the meetup program for Tuesday 2013-09-24 as…

So, let’s freeze the meetup-program for Tuesday, 2013-09-24, as we now have:

  • @bastilian on how to secure your WordPress install.
  • @tompeak on responsive design with WordPress.
  • Robert on best practices to build a premium plugin.
  • @milan will spark a final discussion about WordPress and e-commerce, by tasking about how WordPress and Magento compare to each other.

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Well well well so here are the 4…

Well well well, so here are the 4 presentations we will have on Thursday evening:

  • “Importance of Design vs. Content” by @laura
  • “RichSnippets and Microformats” by @bastilian
  • “Jetpack: it’s not rocket-science!” by @luca
  • “What’s new pussycat in WordPress 3.6″ by @paolo

Definitely a most interesting evening, remember to join us and bring your friends if they like WordPress!

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