2017-05-10 WordPress Vienna Meetup: Video-Stories & SEO

This time Pari M. Kotschwar, and Juan Carlos Recalde will talk about videos – and celebrate our conference in April!


  • Wednesday, May 10th, 2017


Who & What

• Pari M. Kotschwar will present “Youtube: Video Marketing & SEO“.

Juan Carlos Recalde will talk about “Videos that Sell”:

Videos are one of the most powerful sales-tools. Hardly anything equals its power to persuade. In this 30 minute talk I explain what makes a video “persuasive”. I also talk about some of the most common myths in video-advertising.

Celebration: We will enjoy stories and pictures and movies from the conference WordCamp Vienna 2017 and Contributors Workshop Day, which took place on 22–23rd of April, 2017: https://2017.vienna.wordcamp.org/

Speakers Wanted!

We are looking for interesting speakers and topics for the next MeetUps. Please send an e-mail to Martin Mucha, mm@martinmucha.at, if You want to make an presentation.

P. S.: Austrian WordPress-Community meets at Slack

If You want to talk to others of the Austrian WordPress-Community, join us at Slack:

wordpress.slack.com (worldwide Community): register here – first!
austriawpcommunity.slack.com (Austrian Community)
• dewp.slack.com (german Community)
Information about joining our Slack channel!




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