Our valued sponsors help support the WordPress open source project by donating to WordCamp Vienna 2017. Without them, this event simply would not be possible. We are grateful to Rita bringt’s for providing us with their support!

The coexistence of RITA bringt’s and the common WordPress enthusiast is a symbiosis that existed in nature for millennia. While RITA bringt’s delivers the nut, the WordPressee delivers his or her idea in a nutshell – simple and effective through wordpress.

While RITA bringt’s sustains and enhances the functionality of the fingers, the eyes and the hunchback through purely organic and fresh vegetarian food, RITA thrives on the green paper and round metal that is created by the WordPressee.

As for every Adam there is an Eve, for every situation the common WP-geek might stumble upon, there is a solution from RITA bringt’s. May it be a lonely night only lightened by the neon screen there is the delivery service. The food is cooked so freshly that it survives at least two days in the cooling block or fridge.
May it be a WordPress feast, where the crowd gathers to create the next big thing, there are the „Pausensnacks”, with delicious sweet and savory snacks delivered to your door for free.

Or may it even be a WordPress conference such as this, there is the Catering for up to 1000 participants where a free refill of coffee and pie is only a few steps away.


Published by Martin (WP-Stars)

Martin Sternsberger is one of the WP-Stars (http://wp-stars.com), an internet agency fully dedicated to WordPress. Martin is „online” since 1984. In 1996, he founded one of the first internet agencies in Austria, consulting clients like Mercedes-Benz, Eckes-Granini, Suzuki, Gabor Shoes, Prefa, etc. and successfully sold that company in 2010. Prior to that he was head of software development (car access) at SkiData, an Austrian-based, international high-tech company. Besides that Martin is partner of the consulting company MAS (http://mas-ltd.at). His consulting focus is on digital business transformation, innovation, lean startup methods and management of technology projects. He empowers executives and their teams through personal executive coachings and team trainings. Martin holds an International Executive MBA and is a trained coach and instructor. He is an Austrian citizen, lives in Vienna, and speaks German and English.

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