Definition for a real HERO: organizer, volunteer, or speaker at #wcvie 2017

Presenting our Diamond-Sponsor Multimadia @ #wcvie

Our valued sponsors help support the WordPress open source project by donating to WordCamp Vienna 2017. Without them, this event simply would not be possible. We are grateful to for providing us with their support! makes it possible to stream any of your events live or share it at any time later on. Whatever the occasion might be, the stream team 360 comes with up to 6 cameras to televise your messages and events to your chosen audience. Format and quality can be chosen depending on your needs. Streamed videos are usually posted to social platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, but can be published on any internet platform. The content can also simultaneously be captured and used for other purposes later as well.

The advantages of this service are:

  • no post production, therefore fewer costs, discussions, and headaches
  • immediate message in form of a news style show, an interview or public discussion

During live videos, people are much more eager to listen with a bigger interest. The general relevance is higher for the audience and positively influences the ranking factors for search engines. It is almost like having your own TV Studio working in your interest at all levels marketing.

The marketing benefits of Live Streaming are enormous.  By sharing your news, campaigns, leads of any kind, the power of engaging and persuasive live streaming are endless and one of the most efficient marketing tools nowadays, especially due to the fact that it has not been well established yet, like so many other tools.

The central benefit is “scaling of the audience“ to a much larger market than most other marketing channels will allow you. Due to the potential interaction with the user, the possibility of the interaction evolving into direct sales increases.

The branding happens as a welcome side effect, without any extra investments. The content will be adjusted to the size of the viewer’s screen and due to the analysis and viewer tracking possibilities, you certainly obtain a lot more information and feedback than with just the usual advertising methods.


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