Thank you to RAIDBOXES for being a Gold sponsor @ #wcvie

Our valued sponsors help support the WordPress open source project by donating to WordCamp Vienna. Without them this event simply would not be possible. We are grateful to RAIDBOXES for providing us with their support!

RAIDBOXES is specialized in managed WordPress hosting for agencies, designers and internet professionals. They do not only manage WordPress core, plugins and themes but also make your websites load amazingly fast in a secure and easy to handle hosting environment. That way you can focus on what you do best: designing beautiful websites, optimizing conversion funnels and creating value for your customers.

A special server cache, PHP 7, HTTP/2, free certificates, NGINX webservers and SSD storage make your projects run faster than ever before. Thanks to their 14-day free trial you can test RAIDBOXES today–no strings attached.

If you manage a whole bunch of websites, you will love our RAIDBOXES features for designers, agencies and internet professionals. Staging for example allows you to add new designs and features to your customers’ websites, test them, and set them live without jeopardizing your live projects. RAIDBOXES also manages all migrations to their servers for free and eliminate all billing expenses.

In addition, RAIDBOXES has an affiliate program that will pay you a commission for every customer you acquire, as well as several one-time bonuses for your loyalty and trust. That way every new RAIDBOXES customer you acquire is good for up to € 250,–.

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