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WPML – the WordPress Multilingual Plugin
Every time you think about WordPress multilingual, most of us associate it immediately to WPML. Why? Because WPML makes it possible to have your WordPress site ready to provide content in different languages quickly and easily.

WPML has evolved to become the a complete tool to translate your WordPress site. Nowadays, you are not only able to have a site completely translatable, but  you can also count on local or external translators to provide the best content for your users. If you are thinking about running a multilingual e-commerce site, WooCommerce Multilingual along with WPML will make your life sweet.

Toolset – the easiest way to add custom types to WordPress sites
The Idea behind Toolset was to build on Custom Types to build websites that were easy to manage and maintain. That’s precisely what Toolset does, you can add custom types to the WordPress admin and front-end, using any theme and without having to write PHP.

Toolset consists of:

  • Types: Create your custom post types, taxonomies, and custom fields. All from within the WordPress GUI and with no coding!
  • Views : Easily display custom post types and fields. Display and sort your content for listings and inventory. Add custom searches to allow visitor to filter your contents and find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Layouts: Design entire WordPress sites using a drag-and-drop interface.
  • CRED: Allow others to edit and add full scale WordPress content using front-end forms. No need to force clients to edit content from the WordPress admin – allow them to use your customized CRED form right from the site. Additionally, allow user registration from the front-end.

Published by Martin (WP-Stars)

Martin Sternsberger is one of the WP-Stars (http://wp-stars.com), an internet agency fully dedicated to WordPress. Martin is „online” since 1984. In 1996, he founded one of the first internet agencies in Austria, consulting clients like Mercedes-Benz, Eckes-Granini, Suzuki, Gabor Shoes, Prefa, etc. and successfully sold that company in 2010. Prior to that he was head of software development (car access) at SkiData, an Austrian-based, international high-tech company. Besides that Martin is partner of the consulting company MAS (http://mas-ltd.at). His consulting focus is on digital business transformation, innovation, lean startup methods and management of technology projects. He empowers executives and their teams through personal executive coachings and team trainings. Martin holds an International Executive MBA and is a trained coach and instructor. He is an Austrian citizen, lives in Vienna, and speaks German and English.

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