In 2014 Google startet the initiative, to secure the internet by encrypting all the traffic. In 2017 Your website should also use the secure-protocol https – or You loose Your good Google ranking.

At WordCamp Vienna 2017 Martin Mucha will show us in his presentation, how you can install/activate https in Your hosting environment. You probably don’t even need to buy an SSL-certficate – if Your hoster supports free solutions like LetsEncrypt.

After installation of an SSL-certificate you will want to change your website to Changing your wp-config.php will not be enough.

Because changing the URL of your website leads to some WordPress-related problems: for example the paths for pictures in your MySQL (Maria DB) database. I will show you how to change that with easy SQL-statements (are there any easy SQL statements), or with Plug-Ins or a nice migration tool, that can also be used for backups – and also for a WordPress development and testing environment on your computer (Windows, Mac, Linux).

After your Website is secured, You could also use the quicker HTTP/2 protocoll on your server – if your hosting partner supports that.

I will publish my slides, the “easy” SQL-statements, and I hope that you will also find my presentation in May 2017 at

Why changing to https?

Beneath the technical and administration questions we will discuss, why to do that – advantages it will give, when you secure your URL – and what disadvantages if you don’t change now!

CU at #wcvie!

Speaker: Martin Mucha



Published by MMucha

Born 1962 in Vienna, Austria. Intranet (SharePoint) and Internet (WordPress) Expert. Certfied Projectmanager (IPMA, Level C), Certified Trainer, Certified Scrum Product-Owner. Topics: Teamwork, Collaboration, Enterprise Social Networks, Webdesign, Content-, Knowledge-, Quality-, and Projectmanagement. Studying Psychology at Karl-Franzens-University Graz.

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