Hi Vienna WordPressers So it appears that for…

Hi Vienna WordPressers! 😉

So, it appears that for Monday 29 we have:

  • @Milan on Facebook integration
  • @Andrej on blogging and how WordPress determined his future.
  • @paolo on why, when and how to make a site multilingual.
  • @luca following up with practical examples about how to use WPML for that.

Remember, Monday 29, 18h at Spaces03, Kaiserstrasse 5, Wien 7.

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As a true European nomad, and after Italy, France, and Switzerland, Paolo currently lives in Vienna, from where he leads the WordPress.com Spectrum Division for Automattic and the WordCamp Europe 2017 crew. When not thinking about WordPress, he is usually absorbed by his other passion, photography. Paolo lives online at paolo.blog

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