May Meetup: SEO Edition

With the rise of proprietary platforms as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, is SEO still relevant in 2016?

Should we invest time on your WordPress site or on other media outlets?

How can we make sure our content is well exposed to the public and easy to find? Can we enhance our visibility without being forced to purchase ADS from the major players?

At our next meetup, on the 4th of May 2016, we’ll try to define the current status of SEO and Bruce Jackson will help us understand what we can do to improve the visibility of the content we publish on our sites.

Meetup Agenda:

• 6:50pm – Welcoming and registrations.

• 7:00pm – Opening remarks: the status of SEO.

• 7:20pm – Bruce Jackson: “SEO Tips that (still) work in 2016“.

• 8:00pm – Open Discussion and Experts Bar – If you have any WordPress question, we can help!

• 9:00pm – Dinner and drinks (nearby).

Don’t miss the next meetup, it will be juicy!

Due to limited space, we can host only 30 people this time, don’t miss your opportunity, RSVP now and secure your spot!

If you change your mind, please update your RSVP so to open spots to the waiting list!

See you at Sektor 5 on the 5th of May!

So let’s freeze the program for Tuesday as…

So, let’s freeze the program for Tuesday, as we now have:

  • @bastilian on how to secure your WordPress install.
  • @tompeak on responsive design with WordPress.
  • Robert on best practices to build a premium plugin.
  • @milan will spark a final discussion about WordPress and e-commerce, by tasking about how WordPress and Magento compare to each other.

I am really looking forward to what looks like an awesome meetup!

See you on Thursday at Spaces03

Well well well so here are the 4…

Well well well, so here are the 4 presentations we will have on Thursday evening:

  • “Importance of Design vs. Content” by @laura
  • “RichSnippets and Microformats” by @bastilian
  • “Jetpack: it’s not rocket-science!” by @luca
  • “What’s new pussycat in WordPress 3.6″ by @paolo

Definitely a most interesting evening, remember to join us and bring your friends if they like WordPress!

A really great meetup last night thank you…

A really great meetup last night, thank you so much to all the participants, and to everybody who couldn’t make it: see you next time!

Here are the links to the presentation slides:

Aaaand some pictures ( thanks @floor😉 ):

Stay tuned, as we will announce soon the details of next month meetup / party!